About the appMeet the app.

Songstack is a new music discovery app that gives control back to the listener. All you need to do is indicate whether you like or dislike each of the songs you hear, and in turn your recommendations will become more accurate to your taste.

More control.

Create a new Stack for every genre or mood that you'd like to discover music in. Go further and tune your Stack so that your recommendations are even more accurate. Want to find songs to dance to? Crank up the 'danceability' slider and boogy on!

Fully Integrated.

All of the songs you like go straight into a personalised Spotify playlist, ready for you to easily find and enjoy the songs you've discovered again.

Use it everywhere.

Discover new music wherever you are - Songstack for the Web & iOS work seamlessly together, so you can feel free to use them interchangably.

Discover forever.

There's no limit to the amount of songs you can discover, so you can carry on swiping for as long as you like.